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The Wishing Weed

The Wishing Weed

There once lived a lonely faerie who spent her days longing for a friend. When she whispered to the flowers as she took her daily walks through the floral fields she would stop to watch the other fae chase one another throughout the sky.

The other fae were nice creatures of course but, she couldn’t seem to make the same connection they have with one another. As they played together, ate together, and laughed together, she worried there might be something odd about herself.
One day the lonely faerie sat inside a canterbury bell reading to the flower when a cool breeze came along with a handsome fae who seemed rushed.
”Evie, there you are. I don’t have much time but I have a favor to ask of you. Lila unfortunately got hit by a raindrop and has been under the weather since. There is no one to tend to the weeds, may you take her place until she’s well?” He asked out of breath. Evie immediately flew up to him with rose cheeks.
”Of course, Florian. Though you might have to guide me.” And off they went with Florian leading the way.
Evie had never been to this part of the floral fields so she didn’t expect to see clouds growing from the ground.
”But, Florian, where are the weeds? All I see are yellow flowers and clouds.” Evie stated as she flew over the bed of clouds searching for weeds.
”These are the weeds, Evie. They start off as these yellow flowers and soon become seed fluff. They may look like your average flowers but ever since the saplings overheard they grant wishes so many more have sprouted and it’s becoming a problem.” Florian shook his head with a chuckle but Evie was intrigued.
Soon enough Florian left after instructing Evie on how to get rid of the weeds. She started her work right away, pulling out each one. As she worked she couldn’t shake off the thought of the weeds granting wishes. Sunset came and Evie knew it was time to head home but before she did she pulled out one last weed. With hope in her heart she closed her eyes and said:
”Dear, wishing weed, all I wish for is a friend so I may finally have someone to play, eat, and laugh with.” Then with as much air as her lungs could hold she blew with all her might. She watched as her wish flew into the night sky merging with the stars. Then she flew home.
As the days passed Evie repeated the same routine and always ended the day with a wish. The same wish. Soon enough Lila was all well and back in her place tending to the weeds. Although there was no reason for Evie to come back near the cloud plants, everyday she’d visit before the sun slept and say her wish.
Days turned into weeks. Without any sign of her wish coming true, slowly sadness grew in the lonely faerie’s heart. She decided to go one last time. She plucked her last weed. Closed her eyes and said:
”Oh, wishing weed, everyday I come and ask for a friend and everyday I leave with a broken heart. It seems my only friends will ever be the flowers. Wishing weed, for my last wish, I wish for your friendship at least.” And she blew with everything she had left. But her wish did not fly out into the night like previous ones had. All of the wishing weed’s fluff landed straight onto the floor.
Tears escaped the lonely fae’s eyes as she looked over her fallen wish. She cried until there were no tears left inside of her. Then she flew home.
The next day Evie sat inside of her favorite canterbury bell and told the flower about her grief. Although she had no plans to make any more wishes, she had a feeling that called her back to the weeds. Evie knew she would become more saddened going back so she ignored the feeling.
Days past as the feeling grew and Evie could no longer stay away. As soon as she woke up she flew straight to the cloud plants one last time only to see a new weed grew where her last wish fell. Evie wondered how many more weeds she might have accidentally grown with all her wishes. Florian did tell her the weeds were a problem but she didn’t expect them to sprout so fast.
This weed wasn’t bloomed yet, but feeling responsible for making more work for the other faeries Evie went and tried to pull out this weed. As the fae began to tug on the weed the weed yelped. Evie jumped back in surprise.
Of all her days she spent whispering to the flowers not once did they speak back nor make noise like the one she just heard. The faerie feared of pulling on the weed again. But her fear grew as the weed began to shake.
The weed bloomed and inside lied a girl. Evie was utterly confused. The weed birthed a faerie.
The new fae picked up her head, looked over at Evie and smiled. “It’s nice to properly meet you.” She spoke in a soft sweet voice. “I’m Daindelion.”
“It’s nice to meet you but, where did you come from?” Evie asked. The new faerie slid off the flower and stretched her pink wings.
”Well what do you mean? You wished for my friendship and grew me from your sadness.” Evie then realized that her wish came true. When she last wished she had planted her new friend with her tears. Daindelion continued with glee. “You weren’t the only one longing for a friend.”

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