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Before Evergreen

Before Evergreen

Before everything, there was the Light. After time passed came the abominations known as the neph. The neph, creatures that were birthed by the shadows, took joy in terrorizing a small village of people of the Light. The Everlasting Light hearing the cries of His children, decided to abolish the neph from this world. The Light beckoned the wretched creatures, like moths, into a hidden land.
To keep the neph from ever escaping, the Light gave the hidden land to the small village and said to them that they shall live in this hidden land and it shall be named Evergreen; they were to tend to it, thrive, and keep guard of the neph. Frightened, the people exclaimed they were merely grasshoppers compared to such creatures of abnormally tall structures and great strength. The Light reassured His children that this land was unlike the main land, that they were closer to Him here, and that He shall take care of them and provide them with helpers to live among them.
The village made its way to Evergreen, and the entrance was then hidden in a tree. Only those from the main land who are allowed to find this hidden land shall.

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