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Trident of Eden

Trident of Eden

Forged in the mightiest underwater volcano in the sea of Adira, the Trident of Eden is a royal weapon belonging to Prince Eden of Galia, bestowed on him at birth by his father, King Edmar. It is Galian tradition for the crown prince or princess to receive a trident specially handcrafted for them as a promise of their future reign over the kingdom. The design of the trident conveys the type of ruler the royal family believes the future crown will grow up to become.

When it came to creating the Trident of Eden, the trident, which was originally given to Princess Cordelia, the firstborn of King Edmar and Queen Mariam, was melted down and reused for Prince Eden’s trident. This was to exemplify how Princess Cordelia had lost her crown, and it had now been passed down the moment her younger brother Eden came into the world. As a result of the tragedy that caused the future crown to be passed down, King Edmar had Prince Eden’s trident designed to show the fierce protector and respectable leader he expected his son to now become for the good of the kingdom and all of its inhabitants.

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