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Mush of Evergreen

Mush of Evergreen

On days when the rain comes down a bit harder, the ground prepares a surprise. The next day throughout the land, mush will appear. The type of mush grown varies on location. Wilted Quarter is known as home to most species of mush.
Mush are useful in many ways. Some are edible and are used in different types of food. The alder mush, which can be found in Blooming Quarter, is a popular choice for a nice warm stew. Other types of mush are often used as ingredients for elixirs such as the glow mush which can be found in Starry Quarter. Besides ingesting mush, some find them useful at keeping them company.
It is a common practice for younglings to keep mush as pets. A popular choice for a house mush is the spotted red mush which sprouts in Wilted Quarter. The lifespan of a mush is a mere few days once harvested. To keep for a longer period of time it is best to pot the mush in the soil is was grown in and spray it everyday to keep hydrated and healthy. Although they’re low maintenance, mush are very curious creatures and enjoy looking at their surroundings. Many place their mush on window sills so they may look out into the world or in busy areas in their home. Wherever one might place their mush it is most important to keep their pot heavy  or secure. Mush have the tendency of knocking over their own pot due to overexcitement. 

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