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Ethereal Dagger

Ethereal Dagger

Made with the horn of a unicorn, gemstones, and sprinkled with stardust; an Ethereal Dagger is one of the rarest and most powerful weapons of its kind.
A unicorn horn is the strongest material known to all but not easily attained. As unicorns are known as the purest of creatures and knights of the forests they reside in, at the end of their lifetime they will only give up their horn to someone fair and just. If taken by force the horn will break and be uncontrollable, likewise a horn taken from a unicorn that has already passed will have no power whatsoever.
Depending on the makers preference, any gemstone of choice will suffice. The most common gemstone and most popular to use in weapons is the amethyst gem which is known to have the power of durability. Each gemstone is known to have its own ability but it is the stardust that activates said ability.
Stardust is made of crushed fallen stars. Fallen stars may not be as rare as acquiring the horn of a unicorn but they are not common to find for the average person. When a star shower occurs the stars are collected and grind into the finest dust by fae as stardust unlocks their own unique abilities. It is possible to grind your own stardust if a fallen star is already in your possession but only fae can get stardust to the very finest. The finer the stardust the less you have to use.

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